Sunday, September 17, 2017

The first all-media, all-the-time U.S. president

The United States now has a president who appears to have no interest in reading anything in print. To the best of my knowledge, President Trump gets most of his information from watching television or following social media online.

He doesn't seem to have any respect for any knowledge or expertise unrelated to business.  

My immediate concern is that he could get us into war simply because he thinks that diplomats and the entire State Department staff are a waste of money.  (For that matter, he seems to think that most of our federal [national] government is a waste of money.)

My long-range concern is that his attitude could infect our young people with a disdain for education and a disinterest in trying to determine the facts.  The last thing we need is a nation of ignorant know-it-alls.


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